SLIM is SAUBAG’s best-selling indoor digital signage solution — a durable freestanding interactive multimedia totem for indoor advertising and/or public information, placed in locations with intensive pedestrian flow like shopping mall hallways, hotel lobbies, tourism information centres, railway station halls etc. Mostly used for running interactive multimedia applications in combination with digital advertisement content.

SLIM’s robust welded steel case with resistant screen/touch screen protection glass and active cooling and dust protection system secures hardware from overheating, dust, theft and vandalism risks.

From 42″ to 75″


  • DURABILITY — robust welded steel case (2mm)
  • HARDWARE PROTECTION — fan cooling/air filtration system, remote monitoring/control capability
  • COMPATIBILITY — vast selection of multimedia players or PC’s
  • PROFESSIONAL DISPLAY — high resolution and brightness, 24/7 operation
  • RESPONSIVE TOUCH SCREEN — high quality infrared or capacitive touch screen
  • EASY ACCESS & SERVICE — key lockable front door opening
  • CUSTOMISATION OPTIONS — wide totem customisation options, optional WiFi antenna, camera, card readers, NFC, printers and other peripherals on request