Our solutions

Digital signage

Digital signage: a dynamic, cloud-based solution that enhances business-customer interactions, offers scalable solutions, seamlessly integrates with real-time data, supports diverse media types, empowers data-driven decisions, provides interactive customer entertainment, enables cost-effective automated content production, and greatly improves visibility and customer engagement.


Multisensory hub

Experience a revolution in retail with our cutting-edge multisensory hubs. Designed to captivate and engage, these hubs employ a mix of visuals, sounds, scents, and lights to create an immersive shopping experience. They are versatile, fitting seamlessly into various spaces, from small product shelves to large flagship stores. Beyond the hardware, we offer a comprehensive service package that includes expert consultation, content creation, and ongoing software maintenance and support. Elevate your customer’s journey with our innovative approach to retail.


Interactive wayfinding

Interactive wayfinding uses real-time, 3D maps for efficient routing. Accessible through web and mobile, it’s user-friendly with multi-language support. Integrated with digital signage, it offers accessibility features, valuable analytics and enhances user experience. Used in diverse venues such as malls, exhibitions, and universities, it boosts customer satisfaction with targeted advertising.


Self service kiosks

Discover SAUBAG’s self-service kiosk solutions for retail, hospitality, healthcare, transportation, and banking sectors. Our kiosks offer fast, efficient transactions, reduce waiting times, and provide 24/7 service availability. They increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve accuracy. Experience the transformation in customer service with our user-friendly kiosks. Elevate your business operations and customer satisfaction with SAUBAG. In addition to standard offerings, SAUBAG provides bespoke OEM kiosk solutions. Crafted to resonate with your brand, align with unique requirements, aesthetic preferences, and location needs. Our custom-built kiosks integrate seamlessly, maintaining functionality and consumer-focused design. Enhance your business while improving efficiency and satisfaction.